YHL Macklemore Thrift Shop Challenge

I will take any excuse I can get to go to a thrift store, so I was super excited to see the The completely unofficial Macklemore thrift shop challenge in YHL’s Friday post. I can’t believe I hadn’t heard that song before! I’ve got to stop listening to news radio in the morning. Here is a clean version in case you are missing out.

We love a good “wander”/thrift store date, but Jerm wasn’t too excited about the challenge. At first he thought we had to play the song in the store. He still can’t figure out the lyrics to the song, but I keep catching him humming it… It’s a catchy one.

We started our mission Sunday afternoon after lunch at Chipotle. The only thing I had my eye out for was a large men’s button up to DIY a shirt dress (something like this).

Goodwill was our first stop. I’ve scored a few good deals there on half price day, but you have to be careful. They like to sneakily sell their rejected Target merchandise for more than you would pay for it at Target. Before we went in, I had to get the obligatory $20 in my pocket picture.


Sadly, we left with nothing more than pictures of a cat cut out of formica countertop and Jerm’s self proclaimed world’s ugliest table.

ImageUgly Table 2

The next stop was Unique thrift store. I usually have much better luck here since their prices are more reasonable. Again, I took my picture with the same $20. This time a bit less enthusiastically.

20 dollars Unique

It started out more promising. This thrift shop is very organized—every section was organized by color. We passed through rows of Panini makers (if you ever need one, it seems like each thrift store has 20), quesadilla makers and coffee makers, and left with just a few more funny pictures. Jerm found these two toy cats posing, and I found the pope printed on the cross section of a tree. And no, I’m not knocking the pope. I just found the the fact that he was painted on the cross section of a tree funny.

Cougar and cat 2 Pope on a tree trunk

Normally we don’t have this problem. Feeling discouraged, we grabbed some DD and went in search of another thrift store.

Coffee breakA large Coffee for him and a small hot chocolate for me!

We found a new resale shop that had just opened called New Uses, so we went in to check it out, and finally left with our first purchase of the day…

Copper measuring cups! I have a love for vintage copper items, so I jumped on these right away.

Copper Measuring Cups

Total price (with tax) $4.35. Score! On the back of each handle they are stamped with “B&M Douro Made in Korea”

Copper Measuring cups upside down

They are actually measured in ounces instead of cups, with the little one being 2 oz and the big one being 8 oz. I am already using the smallest one as my new dish detergent scoop.

Copper Measuring Cups 2

Our last stop of the day (before a bad ice-storm hit) was Spree thrift store. It was there that we finally found our “built in onesie with the feet”

Footie Pajamashockey playing penguins

Yes, those are hockey player penguins all wearing #72. And it was actually my size. No, they did not come home with us.

I looked at the men’s dress shirts again to try to find one that I could make work. Nothing caught my eye. On a whim, we walked past the dresses on the way out, and low and behold, I found a shirt dress just like I was looking for. My total was $3.63 including tax.

Shirt dress thrift store findShirt Dress thrift store find 3

Altogether, after the rocky start, I spent a grand total of $7.98 and found two items I love. I think this challenge will have to become a monthly occurrence from now on.

3 thoughts on “YHL Macklemore Thrift Shop Challenge

  1. The copper measuring cups are delightful, and the DD coffee makes me sigh with yearning. We have no DDs in this state.

    Our challenge finds were a bit more random, but totally purposeful and serendipitous with something on our wish list!

    Happy Weekend ahead!

    • Thanks Wendy! I can’t believe you don’t have a DD around. They are everywhere here. I don’t think my husband would survive without one. I don’t drink coffee, but I never turn down a hot chocolate

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