Antiquing in Galena

We recently had the opportunity to go on a weekend trip to Galena, IL with my dad and Beth. We had a free stay in a huge vacation house. The only catch was we had to deliver and install a new washer and dryer while we were there. That’s the perks of owning an appliance store. No problem–until we had to practically dismantle the whole dryer to put the propane kit in it.
After the job was done, we were able to have some fun shopping and spending the day in downtown Galena. It is a historic town from the mid 1800’s with lots of cool architecture and small shops. My lone cell phone picture doesn’t do it justice. I really wish I had brought my camera with.Image

We started by grabbing lunch at a burger joint called Durty Gurt’s. I had the Philly cheesesteak with a root beer float and Jerm had a plain bacon-cheeseburger. He is boring when it comes to food. The atmosphere reminded me of eating at Ed Debevics in Chicago—a place filled with crude humor, but yummy food.

With our stomachs full, we started our shopping excursion down Main Street. There were a bunch of little specialty shops and lots of antique shops. We spent our first few dollars at the Kandy Kitchen on some assorted candy. I was planning on only getting a little bit, but ended up with a whole pound. Jerm kept adding sour patch kids to our bag.

One of my favorite shops of the day was Vintaj Earth. They use reclaimed doors, windows, and pieces of wood and trim to display the jewelry they sell. It was right up my alley in terms of styling. Jerm practically had to drag me out of there I loved it so much. I highly recommend paying a visit to either their store or their etsy shop.


Via Vintaj Earth


Via Vintaj Earth

At the very end of main street, we came across a small antique shop with a whole cabinet full of assorted letterpress printing blocks. I was so excited; I think I stayed in there for a good 45 minutes trying to find our initials. I finally found what I think was the only “a” they had left. I also got a “J” for Jerm and an “8-22” for our anniversary. I think they cost about $1.50 each, bringing my total to around $8 with tax. It would have also been fun to get a small block, drill a hole in it, and make it into an initial necklace like this one.


When I got them home, I dipped them in a little paint to make the letters stand out more. They are currently sitting amongst our picture frames on our living room couch table.


We ate dinner at the Galena Brewing Company, and Jerm and my dad tried some of their craftbrews. Jerm loved the Annabelle’s IPA–me not so much. I guess I’m boring when it comes to alcoholic beverages. Beth got a pint glass to add to her collection, and then we all went back to our house for the night to play some card games.

In the morning, we packed up and headed out with the intention of hitting any antique stores we saw on the way out. The best one was the Galena antique mall. There was one booth in particular that was filled with old, salvaged items. They had everything from light fixtures, to old printing plates, to old dental equipment. I could have walked away with a lot more, but I left with a pair of old wooden corbels for $25. I’m planning to use them for a shelf in our living room with a chunky, stained wood top.


I also found a couple of blue mason jars for $2.95 each, so those came home with me as well.  I’m thinking of using them in our bathroom to store cotton balls and q-tips since they go with the “sea glass” color scheme in there.


Have you found anything exciting while antiquing? I need to find some antique stores in our area so I can go even when I’m not on vacation.

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