Our DIY Christmas Gifts: Vinyl Storage Racks

As I mentioned in this post, Jerm and I decided to make each other Christmas gifts this year instead of buying stuff and going overboard. I had no trouble coming up with the engineering print art idea for him, but he was struggling to come up with something to make for me. I suggested to him that he take a look at some of my pinterest boards to see if there was anything that caught his eye. He doesn’t know how easy he has it with gift giving! I have pinterest boards and etsy favorites, but he just doesn’t think to look there.


I don’t think I’ve mentioned it here before, but I cut vinyl for my etsy shop and for some local customers in my spare time. I have an excessive amount of vinyl that is all just sitting on the ground in my office.  I had pinned a couple ideas on how to store my rolls of vinyl once we move up to the new garage work space, but Jerm did me one better and came up with an idea to make me pivoting vinyl racks for my office using conduit, wood, and black pipe fittings.


He was originally envisioning it made out of copper—because I have an obsession with copper—but that would have gotten expensive quick.

Here they are installed in the cubby in my office. Since I originally had all of the rolls just sitting on the ground, it meant I had to move a bunch out whenever I needed to get to the rolls in the back. Now, I just pivot out the rows I want and slide the vinyl off of the conduit holders.


I’m very thankful to have a handy and thoughtful husband who goes along with my crazy ideas and takes the time to make something that I can really use. Have you exchanged handmade gifts in the past? Would you do it again?


7 thoughts on “Our DIY Christmas Gifts: Vinyl Storage Racks

  1. Love love LOVE this idea!! Talk about creative! Would it be possible to get some details on the specs for this rack? I’ve been looking at tons of vinyl storage pins & ideas for my craft room and this is the first swing-out idea I’ve seen that might actually work for me! Praying the Hubs is up to the task 😉 Love your blog! 🙂

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