A few weeks ago, my grandpa brought over a few bags of stuff he had cleaned out of his warehouse. As I’ve mentioned before, our family appliance business used to be housed in an old warehouse next to my grandpa’s house. It was actually there for about 40 years before it moved. As the business grew, the need for more space, loading docks, heat, and running water grew as well, and we moved to a larger building a few towns over. My grandpa still owns the warehouse, and not much had been touched since we moved 11 years ago.

So what was in one of the bags you might wonder?

Vintage Bottles

A bunch of old spice jars and the best part—jars of sprinkles. I’m talking about from when thinks like this cost cents instead of dollars. A lot of it was garbage, but I saved a few of the jars.


Sprinkles Closeup 2

This next one is my favorite. They look like little bb’s.

Durkees silver gayettes 2

Durkees silver gayettes cap

I’ve been inspired by some of the bake shops and candy stores I’ve seen on pinterest– displaying sprinkles and candy in glass jars, so I figured I would create a little baking inspired display of my own in our kitchen.

Kitchen Shelf Decor

I also grabbed my copper sugar canister and measuring cups that I found on two separate thrifting missions and a framed print from DomesticStoriesShop on etsy. I’m planning something else special for this cabinet later, but this little change helped for now.

Kitchen Shelf Closeup

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