Our Bathroom: Before, During and After

Our house only has one bathroom, which sometimes is a problem. I think that is the only think that I would change about our house—but you never know—another bathroom may be in the works someday. When we bought our house (see part one of our house story), the bathroom was not very functional. It had a toilet (a major plus), a tiled shower, a funky little storage area, and about 7 layers of flooring. We decided to keep the tile in the shower for the time being and work around it in the rest of the room. If you recall from part two of our house story, the bathroom veered into a blueberry realm for a while, but was soon course corrected. I’m finally going to share the “after” photos. I’m using the term after rather loosely here since we do plan to completely update the bathroom in the future.

So here you have it: the before, during, and after.

Before Bathroom 1

During Bathroom 1
Bathroom After

I think the view from the living room is a big improvement.

Before Hallway and Bathroom
View From Hallway

We painted the walls Benjamin Moore Mount Saint Anne. I picked it on a whim because it looked like a nice grey, but in natural light, you see a lot of blue and green tones. Luckily it worked well in our bathroom, so we didn’t have to repaint a third time.

Bathroom after 3

The vanity is a 21 inch wide drawer base cabinet that we found in the loft at work. We have a really tight spot, so we couldn’t fit a wider, standard size vanity. We painted it white and converted the top drawer into a false front to work with the sink and plumbing. We recently updated the drawer fronts, but I will save those details for my next post.

We made the vanity top ourselves with tile we bought on clearance at Home Depot. We built the shape we wanted out of cement board, and then tiled over it to create our top, leaving a hole in the middle for the drop in sink. I’d say it turned out pretty well for our first attempt at tiling. We could have ordered a standard top, but we really wanted the extra counter space to the left of the sink.

Countertop closeup

Our soap dispenser was from target, and the glass shelf that we keep our toothbrushes and toothpaste on was from Homegoods. The most expensive purchase was our new glass shower doors. I like how much brighter the room is without a shower curtain blocking the light.

Faucet and Soap Dispenser

We still use the storage unit next to the tub, although it isn’t the most functional. The shelves are so tall that half of the space is wasted. We have a few dark gray metal bins for storing towels, cleaning supplies, and my hair products.  I also use some old metal freezer baskets that I found at my grandpa’s house for more towel storage and toilet paper storage.

Gray storage bins

Freezer Basket towel Holders

The bathroom art is a picture that I took of two of Jerm’s turbo housings. I think they look like snails inching along. I converted it to black and white, had it printed at Walgreen’s, and framed it with a white frame and a black mat from Michael’s. It fits us because we both like racing cars, even though it isn’t traditional bathroom art.

Medicine Cabinet and Art

Our bathroom was definitely done on a budget, and has evolved a bit since we first moved in. Eventually, if we add another bathroom, we would love to make this into more of a master bathroom instead of the bathroom everyone uses when they come over. A larger tub, more storage, and a new tile are all on the drawing board for a future renovation.

Do you have any small bathroom storage solutions? I would love to integrate more glass jars and create functional, yet pretty storage, and I think it would be fun to change the builder grade medicine cabinet out for some open shelving.

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