Office Space: Before and After

The most complete room in our house is probably our second bedroom, or as I like to call it—“the office.”  This little room has evolved a lot over the past three years.

When we first bought the house it looked like this:

Before Office 1

It was a dingy white room with gross linoleum flooring. I started out by painting it beige—because beige is a good neutral color to pick if you are planning on renting out your house right? It stayed beige for about two years and gradually filled up with all of the stuff we didn’t know what to do with. The door definitely stayed shut when company came over.

Office During

When I started my etsy shop in January of 2011, I moved my vinyl cutter upstairs and all of our stuff downstairs. Jerm built three hanging shelving units in our basement, and we were finally able to organize our stuff. The shelves had to be suspended from the ceiling because our basement was often damp and got water when it rained. We couldn’t store anything on the floor for fear of it getting ruined.

Jerm went on a business trip in June, I decided to surprise him with an office renovation – more like “paint it while he was gone so he couldn’t stop me.”  I’m not really a beige girl, so I was sick of working in a beige box. Off to home depot I went, and after much deliberation, I returned with a gallon of Martha Stewart “Sea Anemone.”

Martha Stewart Sea Anemone

Luckily I remembered the advice to pick a color you like and go lighter because I almost walked out with Martha Stewart “Sea Glass”—which would have totally overwhelmed the small room.

One nearly all-nighter later, and the room was almost painted. Normally Jerm is the designated edger, so it took me forever to carefully edge everything.

Office with Sea Anemone Paint

Office daybed and collage wall

Then it was time for the fun part… my workspace. We found two matching drawer base cabinets at work that would work perfectly for scrap vinyl storage and my other random supplies. For the top, we built something simple out of birch plywood and a maple front edge.  I keep a self healing cutting mat on the main work area so I can easily cut vinyl with my rotary cutter. I have a bit of a printer obsession (three printers in one room…) so we used the space in between the cabinets to house both laser printers and my small garbage can. The spaces on each side are taken up by the vinyl roll storage system Jerm built me for Christmas.

Office Printers
Vinyl Racks 3

My desk area has also evolved over time with the addition of more accessories to keep me organized like a magnetic knife rack for my scissors and tweezers, the Ikea Bygel System for storing my notecards, pens, and paint brushes, a bulletin board to keep inspiration and mementos on, and a wall mounted work light.

Office desk

One of my first pinterest inspired projects was this copper curtain rod that I saw on We made our own for the lone window using copper bell hangers as our brackets. My love affair with copper has yet to cease.

Copper Bell Fittings for Curtain Rod

I bought some cheap curtain clips and made my own curtain panels by cutting a target tablecloth in half lengthwise and hemming the raw edges. I let the length of the panels dictate where my curtain rod was hung.

Finished Curtains Office Sneak Peek

It has been fun pulling together all of the little details over the course of the year. I love having a bright, happy space to work—filled with things that are meaningful to us. There are still some changes to be made, and I will be back to share some more of the sources as well as more of the inspiration behind the space.

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