Tuesday Nights

Tuesday night is my favorite night of the week. On Jabaay Ave., we have a tradition of going out for tacos every Tuesday night (Taco Tuesdays!), and I look forward to it all week. It is to the point where we walk in the door of the restaurant and the cashier has our order rung up and on the griddle. I think if we wanted to switch things up, we would have to call ahead since we are that predictable. I love it.

Now Jerm is sitting on his computer watching a compilation of goats screaming like humans, and I’m writing this blog post. Zu pup is snoring in his bed after running around in the snow. Something about Tuesday night is just so relaxing.

I have a small project I’m starting on tonight. Any guesses? Here is a hint…


½ yard of heavy weight ivory flannel + 1 yard of sequin trim + scrap leather = new camera strap

Here’s hoping I can make it turn out right!

My tip for buying leather (or pleather if you wish) is to either find a leather jacket from the thrift store and chop it up, or find an etsy seller that sells bundles of scrap leather. That way you get an assortment of colors for small projects.

I can’t wait to sew with my new Mason jar pin cushion thanks to Please Note’s tutorial. I picked up the turquoise and red “cross stitch” fabric from the bargain bin at Joann’s and have been waiting for an excuse to use it.


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