I finally posted some pictures of my office the other day, and I thought I would share some of the ways I keep my desk organized. I think the biggest thing is having a place for everything to go. If something doesn’t have a place, it will just sit on my desk and get in my way.

Office desk with tag-01

I use scissors, my rotary cutter, and my tweezers every day when I’m working on vinyl orders. The perfect solution was this magnetic knife rack from Ikea. I had Jerm mount it front and center above my desk so I can easily grab what I need and put back what I don’t need.

Magnetic Knife Rack Tool storage

I also use the Ikea Bygel System and for storing my note cards and envelopes. Mason jars fit right in the baskets and hold my pens, paint brushes, and buttons.

Ikea Bygel Desk Storage 1
Ikea Bygel mason jar storage

For inspiration, I have a small bulletin board with some fabric covered thumb tacks to display all of the things that make me happy. Right now I have ticket stubs from our anniversary flight on a Ford tri-motor, our Christmas card, a postcard from lifethroughthelens, and the red paint chips we are considering for our garage door–it is constantly changing, but that is the beauty of a bulletin board. .

Bulletin Board

Incoming mail and bills used to sit on the counter, so I needed to find a storage solution that kept them in my sight (so I didn’t forget about them) but out of the way. This pocket from the Martha Stewart line at Staples has worked out well so far—and the bonus is that it matches the color of my office.

Bills to Pay

All of the loose stuff on my desk gets corralled in a pretty ceramic bowl I ordered from OneClayBead on etsy, and all of my papers, installation guides, and mailing labels are stashed in a magazine holder right behind my laptop.

Misc. tool storage
Magazine holder

Washi tape has become a staple in my office. I use it for packaging and have way too many rolls. Inspired by this tutorial, Jerm and I spent a night making our own washi tape holder. All it took was some scrap wood and a hacksaw blade, and I had a new tape dispenser that can hold 9 rolls of tape.

Washi Tape Holder 2
Washi Tape holder

On a side note, I have a bit of a bunting obsession so of course two buntings made their way into my office. I’m surprised there aren’t more actually. Above my desk, I hung my crochet pennant bunting (tutorial via prudentbaby here) and I hung my scalloped felt bunting next to the door.

crochet bunting
Office Bunting

My desk definitely still gets messy at times, but having a place for all of my supplies makes it easier to clean up when I’m done.  Keeping in mind how I use my desk helped me figure out what kinds of storage worked best for me.  Do you have any unique storage solutions that work in your workspace?

3 thoughts on “Desk-ccessories

  1. I really like that you still use gellyroll pens 🙂
    Ikea is great for storage solutions. We use their filing cabinets as nightstands and their box spring that opens up for extra storage. Saves so much space!

    • I thought of you when I bought them! Which of their filing cabinets do you use? I want to get the “Alex” rolling file cabinets for our garage. And the box spring thing is genius! We got one of those from Jerm’s parents and we store all of our clothes that aren’t in season in there.

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