Embroidered Baby Gifts

I told you I’ve needed a lot of baby gifts lately! One of Jerm’s co-workers just had a gorgeous baby girl at the end of February, so I thought I would make a personalized embroidery for her.

I picked up embroidery a few months ago when I ordered the princess and the pea embroidery pattern from FollowtheWhiteBunny on etsy. Nicole has the sweetest patterns and sends along very easy-to-follow instructions. The nicest thing is you don’t need a big investment to give embroidery a try, and it is something I was able to learn quickly by watching youtube videos of the different stitches. The french knot was the hardest stitch for me to master, but once you learn the basic stitches, the sky is the limit for what you can make!

I’m still finishing up my “princess and the pea,” but I am excited about the progress I’ve made. I still need to give that girl some eyeballs….

Princess and the Pea Embroidery
For this embroidery, I made my own “pattern” by tracing a sweet calligraphy sentiment that I drew up and adding the name and date in a basic serif font. I added a little appliqué heart in some scrap fabric, stiffened with interfacing, with a running stitch.

Sweet Baby Embroidery
It is certainly not perfect, but that is the beauty in something handmade.

I’m going to finish it off in the embroidery hoop by hot-gluing in the edges and adding a fun backing fabric, but you could also use the embroidery in a quilt or a little pillow instead.

Sweet Baby Embroidery Close Up
For the card, I’m sending along a personalized postcard that I designed when I took the Principles of Good Design class from nicolesclasses this past summer. I can easily customize this design by swapping out colors and the personalized stats, so it is my go-to card for new baby girls. (I still have to draw up a boys’ version)

baby clothes outline abbigail grace-01
I can’t wait to send it to them! Have you made or received any fun gifts lately? or have you tried a new hobby? I think I need to limit myself to the amount of craft projects I have going at one time.. otherwise none of them get done.

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