These are a few of my favorite things – March edition

Things I love 3-18-01

  1.  I know I’m a bit slow to jump on the yoga pants bandwagon, but I just bought my first pair last week. I have practically been living in them ever since. I’m 5’11” so I had avoided them in the past because I could never find a pair small enough and long enough at the same time. Enter Champion C9 fitted pants from Target—they make a tall, regular, and short version in every size. Yay! I may even take up yoga now… We’ll see.
  2. Oh Project Runway… How I love you and how Jerm loathes you. I have to record them and put them on once he falls asleep at night. They are now in the 11th season + a couple all-star seasons, and I’ve watched every one. The funny part is that I’m not really into fashion. I guess I just like the sewing. I’m rooting for Kate this season (I’m behind two episodes so don’t tell me if she is gone yet), but Mondo remains my all time favorite.
  3. This list needed a food item, so I’m introducing you to my new love—Chocolate and butter biscuit cookies—like these petit ecolier cookies. I prefer the milk chocolate to the dark chocolate. My grandma introduced me to these when she included them in a care package she sent to me at school, and I’ve loved them ever since. Normally they are super expensive, but I’ve found that Aldi carries a knock-off brand that runs $1.49 a box. Well worth the splurge if you ask me. Maybe I’ll find a way to DIY them.
  4. My “glorified concrete boots” as Jerm calls them. I love my Hunter boots. I bought the Hunter originals in matte black last fall from, and I look forward to snowy and rainy days so I can wear them. You won’t catch me wearing them with shorts, though.  I’m not sure where that trend came from. They were pricey, but actually are very practical. I like being able to stomp through puddles and my feet stay dry as can be.
  5. Lately Jerm and I have been playing words with friends together. Even when we are in the same room. We started in the airport on vacation when we didn’t have anything else to do, and now we usually have 2-3 games running at once. I’d say we split the wins 50/50, but he may tell you otherwise.

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