Planning For a New Garage

 When we bought our house, we knew that someday we would be replacing our garage. It wasn’t a matter of if… it was more a matter of when. Our little two-car garage would have served its purpose with some TLC, but we needed more space.

Before Garage
Our reasoning was:

  1. Our house is small and we have big hobbies (like cars, airplanes, and vinyl cutting). Currently I cut my vinyl in our little bedroom, and Jerm works on cars in his parent’s garage three doors down. He wanted a space of his own, and I wanted a designated space for my vinyl.
  2. In addition to big hobbies, we have big dreams! Jerm’s dream is to get his pilot’s license and build his own airplane, so we needed a space for him to be able to accomplish that.
  3. We know we are going to stay in our house for a while, so it was worth it to invest the money into a new garage rather than putting it into the old garage.

We had talked about a new garage on and off for a year and a half before it became a serious option. We wanted a large garage but were unwilling to take out a construction loan to build it. So, we saved up until we had enough money to get started + a nice cushion for emergencies. Since Jerm could do almost all of the work himself, we knew we would save a ton of money on labor. It also helped to know that we would be spending the money gradually rather than in one lump sum—however, there were still some big purchases that would need to be taken into account like lumber, the concrete slab, the siding, and the roof.  I wouldn’t say we made a budget, but we did spend a lot of time wandering around home centers, getting a feel for how much stuff cost.

Jerm started drawing up plans for the new garage about a year before we broke ground. I’m so proud of all of the work he put into it, and he seriously thought every single thing—I mean how many people have radiant floor heat in their garage? He used programs like CAD and Solid Works to draw up the blueprints. Almost every night I would find him sitting at the computer in his glasses, working on the drawings—often times with Zu laying next to him. Because the plans were drawn by him and not just off-the-shelf garage plans, they took into account all of our needs and wants for the space.

After spending about 5 months on planning, the real fun (not!) began… trying to get permission to build what we wanted.

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