I know you’ve all been waiting anxiously for this post ever since I mentioned insulation here. When it came to building our garage, insulation was very important to Jerm and myself. Jerm cared about being able to easily heat and cool the garage.. and I just didn’t want to be cold. We put in the initial investment, and it sure has come in handy. Especially in the last couple days, as it has been well into the negative temperatures here.

Here is a run-down on what we did.

1// Foil faced OSB rather than regular OSB for sheathing the roof.

And no, it isn’t just to make your garage very shiny. I thought we would be blinded looking at it, but Jerm informed me that it is installed so that the foil faces inward. This step helps more with the cooling as the foil provides a radiant heat barrier and reflects up to 97% of the radiant heat. This was important because Jerm wanted to use a smaller room air conditioner unit to cool the whole garage, and we needed to give the little guy the best chance at success.
The prices on lumber can fluctuate so much. When we purchased, we were only looking at about a $5 per 4’x8′ sheet difference.

2// Foil faced foam for insulating on the outside walls.

This kills three birds with one (rather expensive) stone. The foil face provides another radiant heat barrier to keep cooling costs lower, an inch of foam provides R-6.5 insulating value, and when you seal it all up with a foil tape, it takes the place of a “house wrap.”

Foil faced foam is up :: Insulating the garage

3// Good garage doors with an R value

Thanks to Jerm’s dad being in the door business, we were able to get these garage doors for a very good deal. They have an R value of 16.55 and have a thermal break so that they don’t transfer heat out or cold in. As a bonus they had that bead-board panel look that matched the style we were going for. Pretty and functional!

4// Rolls of insulation, white polystyrene foam, Great Stuff

We used R-19 Kraft faced insulation in between the studs of the walls, and Jerm stapled it all in to seal it up. We lined in between the rafters with the R-8 white polystyrene foam, filled in the gaps with Great stuff, an then covered it with unfaced R-30 insulation. Nothing too exciting… Here is an idea of how it all went together before we drywalled.

And the drywall going up on top of it all. Please ignore our sweet cable railing for now. I will be back with more info on that soon. The details in this garage are the best part.

Drywalling the garage

We saved a bunch of money by buying it all when Mernards was running both a mail in rebate and their 11% rebate. You can combine the two, and we saved a couple hundred dollars. Our basement looked like this until we were ready to use it all.

So there you go! A guide to having the best insulated garage on the block. Unfortunately we can’t take advantage of any tax credits for this since it isn’t our residence, but we hope to update our house’s insulation when we redo the exterior this spring.


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