Taking it inside – Drywall

Last post pretty much caught you up to speed on the outside of the garage, so now its time to go inside. We came up with a few details to give the garage some character. Lots of pinteresting went into the making of this garage.

The main level of the interior space consists of two car parking/storage on the left side, which we planned to leave unfinished for now, and a two story tall work space on the right. The work space will have a car lift and workbench with plenty of tool storage. The loft sits above the two car parking and is open to the work space side of the garage. I love the openness of it all, and the ability to work on separate projects but still be together.

Prior to drywall and stairs, this is what it looked like. This was taken in the shop side looking towards both the parking and loft side.

View into loft with no stairs

We put drywall up behind where the stairs would go before building the stairs to make it easier.

View into with loft with stairs

This gives a better idea of how the three spaces connect.  For safety we made the cable railing one of our first projects. More details about that later!


And finally a view from the loft down into the shop. I love how the angles of the ceiling come together.


And a look towards the back of the loft


Now time for some drywall. Our methods were very scientific.


It’s amazing how much brighter it gets with a little bit (ok.. a lot) of drywall.

IMG_7331 IMG_7327

Once all of the drywall was up, we called in the taper. For the sake of time, this was one of the only steps we did not do ourselves. Thank goodness. It took our taper a full 5 days to complete all of the coats of mud and the sanding. He was able to come while we were both at work, so it was nice to get home each day and see the progress. If we did it ourselves I think it would have taken months.

We purposely left the dormer ceilings undrywalled so we could do something a little more interesting. IMG_8193

IMG_8197Sneak peek! I’ll share what we used and how we did it next! I think it may be my favorite detail of the garage.


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