Hello! We are Jeremy and Allison Jabaay (and pup Zulu), and this is the story of life on our street–more affectionately referred to as Jabaay Ave. We call it that because between us, our family, and our friends we own 9 houses on our block. It is wonderful to be surrounded by family and friends, and we love it so much. This blog will document all of the DIY projects we work on and all of the fun we have doing it.

Here is how it all began. Jeremy grew up on this street. His parents own the two houses on either side of theirs. Usually those houses end up being rented to various friends of ours.

I actually grew up a few blocks away, and we went to grade school and high school together. We even went to homecoming together my freshman year.. with different dates. After high school we started hanging out through a mutual friend (with a little help from a car accident) and the rest is history. Fast forward three years of dating and our house, a foreclosure, came on the market. We couldn’t pass up the deal and the project, so we jumped on it right away. We initially planned on using it as a rental property first and then living in it later, but in March of 2009, Jerm got down on one knee in our current kitchen and proposed. We were married 5 months later in a backyard wedding ceremony, and we moved into our first home– three doors down from his parents.

Shortly after we were married, the opportunity arose to purchase two more houses on our street. Together with my dad, we bought them to use as rental properties. Both needed quite a bit of work, so we began renovations on both. We have been blessed with great tenants, and it is so convenient to live right across the street.

We have a very close knit group of friends, and we spend quite a bit of time together. We all share a lot of the same hobbies (mainly cars) and spend a lot of time hanging out in Jerm’s parent’s garage. When we found out that the house across the street was in pre-forclosure stages, our friend Bill started pursuing it. After a very long year of waiting, he finally got the keys in June of 2011, and we gained one of our best friends as a neighbor. We all spent a lot of time those first two months helping him fix up his house.

In 2012, another friend of ours had the opportunity to buy a fixer-upper on our street. He had quite a few hurdles to jump through to pass inspection, so we all pitched in and helped out. He is currently living with only a refrigerator in the middle of his living room while he renovates.

We weren’t planning on buying anymore houses, but when our neighbor offered to sell us his in August of 2012, we jumped on it. That was the only house left separating ours and Jerm’s parent’s houses–the missing link. We are just getting started on renovations there, so we will be doing a lot of projects in the near future.

Throw in a huge garage building project over the course of the last year, and that is pretty much life on Jabaay Ave.


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