Picking a color (is hard)

When it comes to our projects, Jerm and I are normally decisive people, but this was definitely not the case for picking the exterior color for the garage — and what will later be the color of our house. I think there is just something about picking a color that a) will be on display for the whole world to see and b) will take days to paint that makes you think really long and hard about what you want.


I think Jerm looks like the grinch here. Seriously though… It took us over a month to decide on a color!

We knew we didn’t want your average cookie cutter suburban house color — pale yellow anyone? No? How about pastel blue? We liked the idea of a darker color that would contrast our white trim. At one point we considered a darker burnt orange color, but we also had to take into account the fact that our neighbor’s house was “number 2 pencil yellow” and orange next to their yellow might look crazy-town.

The other obstacle was that we had to hurry up and roof the garage earlier in the winter, so we now had to make sure the paint went with our existing roof (which was called “weathered wood”).

Our first color inspiration came from one of Jerm’s coffee mugs and this picture we found. We liked the color of the mug and thought it would look good in contrast with the white trim. We found that it was very close to BM Silhouette. However, after looking at it in a bunch of different lights, we worried it would read too purple-y — and we really did not want to be the people with the (accidentally) purple house.

Coffee Mug - BM Silhouette color inspiration

Even though “Silhouette” didn’t work out, it got us looking in the right direction. Our go-to painting resource is our affinity color deck.  The Affinity Colors are a collection of 144 neutrals that all pair well with other colors in the collection. You really can’t pick a bad color, and it is helpful in creating a cohesive color scheme. We actually had picked several of our interior colors from this fan deck, so we started looking through it for the garage.

The most helpful thing was to have a friend slowly flip through the color deck while holding it out the upstairs window next to the roof line. We would have him flag any color that looked decent, and we slowly narrowed it down. In the end we were left with three — BM Sparrow, BM Flint, and BM Boreal Forest. We quickly eliminated Boreal Forest as being too green.  Sparrow was like a lighter, less purple, version of Silhouette, so we bought a sample to try, but ultimately we decided on Flint.

Garage Paint Color Options
We had it mixed in Benjamin Moore Aura exterior paint in low lustre to contrast our white semi-gloss trim. The best part of using Aura was that it covered in one coat!! It was such a relief to not have to put a second coat on the garage.


All in all, the painting took about a solid week. Since we both work during the day, most of our painting was done at night. Even though we had to cover such a large area, we found it easiest to use brushes rather than rollers. It was easier to get in the spaces between the siding boards, and it was easier to get in all of the texture on the siding.

Painting the Siding

Next step is just to finish the detail and windows on the dormers, and get to work on the driveway!